Corporate Media Silent on Fossil Fuels as Hurricane Harvey Devastates Southeast

Originally published on August 30th at

From the start of the storm on August 17 to August 29, the 54 most widely read US newspapers — including The Washington Post, The New York Times and USA Today — had published roughly a dozen articles on Harvey, in print or online, which discussed the connection between hurricanes and global warming.

A grand total of two articles mentioned fossil fuels, and not a single editorial board took a position on this climate-killing industry.

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Nothing Like Praise For al-Sisi Opens My Heart to a New Administration

The Trump transition team—full of defense contractors, energy lobbyists, and other 1% types—has added K.T. McFarland, a Fox News analyst, to serve as deputy advisor to Islamophobe Michael Flynn on national security.

Among McFarland’s most demonstrable commitments to human rights is evident in her repeated praise for Egyptian president Fattah al-Sisi. She has hailed Sisi for calling on religious leaders to combat religious extremism in his country, but has not reproached him for his role in one of the largest massacres in Egypt’s history.

Perhaps she learned the art of cynical silence towards murder during her tenure as an advisor to Henry Kissinger, a man so well known for his commitment to war crimes that “he reportedly does not travel abroad without consulting his lawyers about the possibility of his arrest,” according to the Guardian.

Violent state repression can’t possibility be the bellows on the fire of extremism anyway, right?